Tuesday, 1 July 2014


"Putting your tongue in your pocket" is a rather nice French idiom for keeping schtum about something. A pocket full of tongues is, coincidentally, the sort of thing I might draw for one of Edge magazine's columns. However, I opted for something less grisly (though these things are subjective): a portrait of Ubisoft's top man Yves Guillemot, finger pressed to his lips. I actually find Guillemot to be one of the more charming and human gaming execs out there, and I long for him to clamber up Aisha Tyler and ride her around like Master Blaster

It's two for one on gaming execs this month: also featured is Microsoft's Phil Spencer, holding a bloodied tusk for reasons that are no longer clear to me.

Plus: Link, deceased; Big Boss on a one armed bandit; some trucks and a politically active elf.