Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a game in which you are chased by robots through procedurally generated rural British bleakness. Its development is ongoing, but you can buy early access to it from Steam and thus afford Jim Rossignol another solid gold dirigible. "They just won't fly," we tell him, but he just shoots another hapless aeronautics engineer and gestures to his manservant to find a replacement.

Anyway, I helped with some of the 2D art on the game and drew a lot of stuff for the forthcoming tabletop version. Here's the cover I drew for the boardgame - an interesting challenge because the same picture had to work in multiple aspect ratios so it could be repurposed for other paraphernalia. Blogger has also endeavoured to make the colours look shit. Thank you, Blogger.

Inventory is a big deal in Sir - your survival depends on the random drops you find. I drew lots and lots of inventory items, and here are some of them. The scale is not always realistically uniform, as they had to fill inventory slots of a certain size, regardless of the items' comparative sizes in the real world.

I have no real idea how the boardgame works, but it is comprised of a large number of tiles that can be slotted together, recreating some of the computer game's procedural feel. Here are six such tiles (though there are many more).

And here are the player standees:

Finally, hi'-rollin' kickstarter backers got a portrait of themselves as a robot. This handsome chap is Minecraft creator, Notch. (The frame is unrestricted stock photography by a very generous DeviantArt user called Black-B-o-x. What a hero.)

It's been pretty incredible witnessing the gestation of this project. Thanks to Big Robot for letting me be a part of it.