Monday, 28 May 2012


I worked on this game! It's a free game for kids, made by the lovely chaps at Big Robot and commissioned by Channel 4. I helped with the drawing. I suppose the game's about working together and taking responsibility for your environment and how everyone can be much happier if you endeavour not to set fire to carpet showrooms out of a wildly misplaced and poorly articulated sense of social injustice. Anyway, here's some of the stuff I did, in vague chronological order.

First up was the pitch. I wasn't a designer on the game but here I helped to translate the design notes into visually coherent mechanics.

Channel 4 liked the game but not the creatures in it. Cue much brainstorming.

I was particularly keen on these guys. An early idea I had was that the entire game might be 2D, or 3D with 2D cut-outs like a pop-up book.

For a time, we pursued these creepy baby things. Until...

After much back-and-forth, the concept was pared down to these blockheads.

Buildings and an extremely rough mock-up of what the game might look like. I based some of the concepts on the shop frontages seen in my home town of Orpington, which is, by coincidence, also where one of the more depressingly privileged rioters came from.

The skybox in three degrees of smogginess. I actually love skyboxes.

This game had a lot of icons, many describing similar-sounding actions and often with abstract effects. Luckily, the numbers were cropped way back in later iterations to avoid confusion.

These special buildings were intended to add a surreal edge to the otherwise English market-town vibe. When restored to their former glory they were meant to commute some sort of buff to the surrounding area.

An assortment of graffiti decals. Takes me back to the overpasses of my yoof.

A very educational experience, all in all. Thanks to Jim and co for letting me be a part of it!